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Ibiza set to host club pilot events for 2000 people

A club pilot event for an estimated 2,000 people is set to take place in Ibiza later this month after the regional government approved the proposal from the balearic clubs.

After the positive conversations between the local government and the Balearic Nightlife Association, who reactivated their talks after a year of silence, the next step in the reopening process will be happening later this month.

The director of the Eivissa Leisure Assocation (Asociación de Ocio de Ibiza), José Luis Benítez, confirmed this trial show that is scheduled to be celebrated either on Friday 25th June or on Friday 2nd July 2021. The final location is still to be announced and it will be outdoors. The capacity will be limited to 2000 people, although only a maximum of 500 people will be allowed in the dance floor at the same time. The closing time will be at 12am, complying with the regulations on outdoors events. Face masks will also have to be worn at all times.

Attendees will have to verify before entering the venue, that they have either passed the coronavirus, or have received the vaccine. Otherwise, they will have to undergo an antigen test that will be paid by the establishment where the test is done. Once inside the venue, they will only be allowed to go to the bar to collect drinks.

This pilot event in Ibiza is crucial to understand the near future and picture of the Balearic nightclubs. The government is aware of the relevance of the club scene for the region and country, but they do not want to rush a general COVID-19 recovery that, after 7 months in a tight state of emergency, is now getting better. In the last 6 weeks, no deaths have been reported due to COVID-19 in Ibiza and that gives a sign of how good recovery is going overall.

If the show is successful and there are safety protocols in place, Benítez strongly believes that outdoor clubs in Ibiza could be opening only a couple of weeks after this event.

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