Fabric London introduces strict no photo or video policy

Fabric is one of London’s most iconic and beloved clubs for electronic music in the capital. Founded in 1999 and reopening in 2017 after closing the previous year, the club is getting ready to welcome partygoers back into their home on July 23 during their opening weekend, and as they are doing so they have just announced a new policy for all guests of their events.

In a bold move, they are following the likes of clubs in Berlin and other places and are introducing a strict no unauthorised photos or videos policy. Aiming to create a phone-less atmosphere, Cameron Leslie told Mixmag the reason for this:

fabric has always had a no camera policy but as camera phones proliferated that became harder to enforce and we got a bit lax about it. Going forward we want to re-emphasize the policy so that we encourage people to stay in the moment, protect the dancefloor experience, and avoid social media stress or anxiety. It’s about respecting the event, the artists and fellow dancers.”

Wanting clubbers to live in the moment, this is an announcement that has divided many people. On one hand, people are more than happy for this to be the case, calling it a ‘great decision’ but on the other hand some are skeptical about whether this will work or be enforced strictly enough.

Fabric’s reopening weekend is July 23-25. Featuring a 42-hour marathon of everything from jungle and breaks to techno and house and beyond, this is not to be missed and tickets can be purchased here. The full lineup is yet to be announced, but will no doubt be nothing short of spectacular to make up for lost partying time.

Image credit: Anna Wallington 

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