Charlotte de Witte delivers an adrenaline-pumping set at Tomorrowland Around the World 2021

Techno princess Charlotte de Witte has been speeding through 2021, leaving a trail of adrenaline and excitement. Last Friday, on the first night of Around the World 2021, Tomorrowland‘s digital festival, the peak time royalty filled the Elixir stage with rhythm and steady beats.

In April this year, Charlotte de Witte released ‘Formula EP‘ on her affluent techno label KNTXT. The exhilarating three-track work was inspired by Charlotte’s passion for extreme sports, especially speed sports like Formula 1®. The tracks feature a thrilling rhythm and sounds of the cars themselves, which roar furiously. This recent work of hers has been featured in her recent sets and with her recent performance at EXIT Festival, there was a lot of anticipation about the kind of vibe de Witte would bring to Pāpiliōnem‘s mysterious grounds.

The setting could not have been more perfect to host a set of this musical genre. The Elixir stage is a marvellous temple, boasting magnificent columns, huge golden lions, like the chambers of the gods of Olympus. A sturdy and imperial backdrop enough to withstand the powerful beats Charlotte was about to drop. Throughout the virtual audience danced thousands of fireflies, which seemed to spread magic and brighten the atmosphere when the rhythm became more driving. The lights and lasers were mostly in dark shades, making the temple even more brassy and demonic. The set was as relentless as Charlotte de Witte, whose expertise made the fans’ hearts pound at a highly frenetic pace.

Image credit: Tomorrowland

In the set, as expected, some unknown IDs were heard, which deserve to be unveiled soon. ‘Formula‘ and ‘Doppler‘, two of the singles from her latest EP were also featured, making those mechanical noises echo around the stage. Charlotte applied a true furious speed, not letting the rhythm slow down for anything. The label boss also featured ‘Frequency‘ and ‘Radioactivity‘, two tracks from Alignment‘s ‘Power EP‘ released last month via KNTXT. Halfway through the set ‘The Age of Love‘ came on, a classic Age of Love track. Although there are many edits and the effects hid some of its features, the bets are on it being Enrico Sangiuliano‘s version. This track has been present in both of their sets and is a perfect recipe to drive the crowd absolutely crazy.

Highly energetic, with fantastic rhythm management, Charlotte de Witte’s one-hour set at this Around the World was another well-crafted treat for techno fans. If you didn’t get a chance to attend over the weekend, you can still enjoy this set until August 1 via relive platform. Go to and buy your on-demand ticket. Find out more about Charlotte’s setlist here.


Image credit: Tomorrowland