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Boris Brejcha releases 3-track ‘Matrix’ EP: Listen

Once again giving fans a treat, Boris Brejcha returns to deliver yet another EP titled ‘Matrix’, which follows the release of the ‘EXIT‘ EP released just a few months ago back in June. Igniting the release radar with multiple EPs and singles this year much to the delight of his loyal fanbase, he is now back again with a 3-track body of work.

Describing his style as ‘high-tech minimal’, the trailblazer has ignited the scene with a sense of excitement and wonder ever since he burst onto it back in 2006. Never dropping the ball on his productions and paving the way for producers to follow in his influential footsteps, the (occasionally) masked producer now releases yet another EP before the release of his newest album due to be released near the end of this year following the last album release ‘Space Driver’ (in which he spoke to We Rave You all about last year).

Always ensuring fans aren’t waiting too long for new material from the German producer, ‘Matrix’ EP gives us three tracks in the form of title track ‘Matrix’, ‘I Don’t Give A F***’ and closer ‘Pegasus’. Welcoming in avid listeners to the EP, ‘Matrix’ exudes groove and sophistication. Impulsive and powerful with a driving bass that commands attention, the track itself acts as different chapters, going through stages with different vibes and feelings creating an intricate track that one can easily lose themselves within. Starting off as strong as possible, this feeling carries on into ‘I Don’t Give A F***’. The 8-minute runtime allows for a true journey into high-tech minimal soundscapes. Setting the dancefloor alight, this track truly has it all. Soaring synths which cut through the atmosphere leaving listeners in awe, a relentless bass brings the track to an epic climax. Closing out the EP, last but certainly not least is ‘Pegasus’. Just like the creature it shares the name with, the track is mythical and magical. Bringing us into the future, this makes us never want the EP to end, but sadly all good things must come to a close.

Luckily though, the ‘Matrix’ EP by Boris Brejcha will be available to listen to on repeat down below or here.

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