REZZ talks Deathpact collaboration, FVDED Vancouver, upcoming album and more [Interview]

Canadian artist, Isabelle Rezazadeh has quickly distinguished a name for herself by using a dark, twisted, and mystical approach to her production. Throwing it back to her ‘Something Wrong Here’ album, the “Space Mom” or as many refer to as REZZ has created her own style of music that can easily induce you into a hypnotic trance-like state without warning. With deep support from her loyal fan base known as the “Cult of Rezz,” she is easily one of the most creative artists when it comes to initiating a unique experience filled with deep underground space-like vibes. With a talent like no other in the music scene, REZZ infuses her musical tastes with jaw-dropping bass, clear distortion, hypnotizing frequencies, and much more to keep all of her fans satisfied both on and off the dancefloor.

After REZZ released her highly-anticipated collaboration on “Chemical Bond” with Deathpact, her upcoming ‘Spiral’ album is about to be the cherry on top as we approach the fall season. Recently returning to Canadian soil for her headliner set at FVDED Presents in Vancouver, the audience was blessed by world-class acts such as Juelz, Baauer, and Black Tiger Sex Machine. Following an epic set that completely took all of our REZZ loving souls away with both her classic tunes and unreleased gems, We Rave You had the pleasure of catching up with the legend herself to discuss her recent set, REZZ ROCKS, upcoming album, and more.

A big congratulations on your sold-out REZZ ROCKS! How would you describe the intimate show for those who have not had a chance to experience one yet?

REZZ ROCKS this year was the best yet, with having to cancel last year due to the pandemic it was just amazing to be back with the fans. We had expanded to 2 days this year so it was really cool for me to play two different sets as well.

One of the highlights in 2021 for many fans around the world is your recent collaboration with Deathpact on “Chemical Bond.” What was your creative process like when you were making this mystical, yet undeniably dark collaboration?

It is my 3rd track with Deathpact and I really love this one, being the first single from my new album it just felt like it really fit the vibe for what the album will be.

Just over five years ago you absolutely killed the FVDED stage during FVDED In The Park. Recently, you closed out the epic event as the headliner at FVDED Presents in Vancouver. How would you describe your feelings coming back to play on Canadian soil?

I love playing in Canada and I honestly wish I played Canada more, so coming to play FVDED was awesome, so good to be here just feels like I am at home when I do shows in Canada.

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Being fully engaged and transparent with your fans both on and off the stage is a trait many of us respect about you as an artist. I have always been curious if you have a pre-show ritual before hitting the stage?

My pre-show ritual is just being alone and trying to chill out as much as possible, I usually get anxiety pre-show so I just like to chill before going on, after the show, I like to have a bit of fun and hang out with friends, but pre-show is very quiet.

Where do you see yourself in terms of your production style for 2022? Are there any details you can share with us regarding your upcoming ‘Spiral’ album?

The Spiral album is going to be more in the same vein of what all previous Rezz albums include lots of weird trippy stuff but also will have a good amount of vocal songs, definitely still keeping it hypnotic and trippy.


Be sure to enter REZZ’s world of pure mystery and twisting bass signatures with her recent “Chemical Bond” collaboration with Deathpact below.

Photo Credits: REZZ Official Press

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