2021: a return to festivals – how have things changed

As the COVID-19 pandemic loomed at the start of 2021, and many countries saw the worst of it in the early months, festivals seemed to be the last thing that people thought would happen this past year. Several countries enforced the strictest lockdowns they could while others allowed people to live life normally again.

For us festival and event devotees, it has been the toughest two years. Some of us were able to experience the joy of concerts and festivals by June 2021. Some major organisers, such as Insomniac, resumed their operations with massive festivals across the United States. Unfortunately, for others, festivals seem very distant into the future. Below, we highlight the changes the music industry saw with live events and festivals throughout 2021.

Insomniac and the United States

If there was an organiser who did not take as much of a hit in regards to the pandemic, it would be Insomniac. The organisers of Electric Daisy Carnival and other marquee festivals in the United States adapted to the changes and followed the regulations, to allow fans to experience live music once again. As soon as regulations and restrictions eased in California and neighbouring states, Insomniac returned to their regular programming with events such as Escape, Beyond Wonderland, and one of their biggest festivals, Electric Daisy Carnival.

Luckily for those who are vaccinated, events became available and tickets sold out as soon as they were announced. In August, ​​Insomniac founder Pasquale Rotella announced on Instagram that a negative test or proof of a Covid-19 vaccine must be shown for entry into all Insomniac events for the “foreseeable future.” Even with these regulations in place, Insomniac’s events were extremely successful. EDC Las Vegas saw the addition of stages, a stellar lineup, and a packed motor speedway that gave people hope for a normal life again.

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