Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg wants Death Row Records to become the first NFT music label

Snoop Dogg has been making big moves in the NFT space, from different NFT drops to endorsing new projects that might become the future of the music industry. According to statements made by Snoop Dogg on the social networking site Clubhouse on February 15, the rapper might be converting Death Row Records into a non-fungible token web3 NFT label.

The rapper disclosed his ambitions to delve deeper into the realm of non-fungible tokens. Death Row “will be putting our artists through the metaverse and through a whole other chain of music,” Snoop remarked during the session. “Just like how we broke the industry when we was the first independent to be major, I want to be the first major in the metaverse so Death Row will be an NFT label”.

“It feels good to have ownership of the label I was part of at the beginning of my career and as one of the founding members. This is an extremely meaningful moment for me,” he said at the time.

Last weekend, Snoop joined Dr. Dre, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, 50 Cent, Kendrick Lamar, and Anderson .Paak for a performance at the Super Bowl Halftime Show. ‘The Next Episode‘ and ‘Still D.R.E.‘ were performed by Snoop. The ‘Still D.R.E.’ video has hit one billion views on YouTube following the pair’s Super Bowl performance last weekend.

Image credit: press