With the ever expanding world of NFT’s (Non Fungible Tokens) on the rise, here comes the world’s first NFT-fueled record label, Purple Fly. Looking to introduce themselves “as a platform for the spectrum of electronic music,” a hard-hitting debut single courtesy of US-based producer BLVD and legendary rapper/MC Fatman Scoop, has made ‘Miami’ the latest track to keep your eye on. With

Miami based producer and DJ, JOOLIA, has released a new track titled ‘BitClout People’. For context, ‘BitClout People’ is a musical piece about the new social media called BitClout. BitClout, a cryptocurrency platform designed to operate as a social network, mix of Twitter & Bitcoin. Users can use BitClout coins to buy a Creator's Coin and watch its value change based on the creator's popularity on

Although NFTs have been around for a few years now, the movement has truly taken off in a massive way recently. If you’ve been on social media at any point in the past month, you’ll know what NFTs are, but in case you don’t we’ll break it down.   NFTs, or non-fungible token to give it it’s full name, allows buyers to

It's the news that mau5trap fans have been waiting for, and REZZ and deadmau5 have finally unveiled the title and release date of their first collaboration together, 'Hypnocurrency'. Teased for quite some time, the track finally comes to us on Friday April 23 and with it comes an exclusive NFT drop. Bringing together each unique production style that has propelled both artists to the forefront of

Don Diablo has sold an hour-long concert NFT (non-fungible token) entitled 'Destination Hexagonia' for an insane sum of 600 Ethereum, equating to roughly $1.2 million. The sci-fi themed show was filmed over the course of a year as a collaboration with videographer Paul Snijder and was created exclusively for auction. The one-of-one NFT video offered up green screen FX and 3D rendered characters and sets, and

The growing hype around the concept of NFTs, also known as Non-fungible tokens, seems to show no sign of slowing down. Put simply, it's a sort of digital art that can be sold on as limited edition merchandise which has become extremely interesting to electronic artists who are currently jumping on the new trend. One artist buying into the trend is Steve Aoki, and he just

If you're heavily into the new trends, you'll have heard of NFT. What exactly is NFT? Also known as Non-fungible token, it is the latest trend for artists to sell one-off, limited edition merchandise in the form of artwork. Although they first hit the headlines in 2017, the explosion has been massive as of late. Platforms like Nifty Gateway, SuperRare, Foundation and