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FREAKY releases debut, 12 track album ‘Duality’ on Subsidia Records: Listen

Dubstep mainstay FREAKY has released his debut, twelve-track album ‘Duality’ on Subsidia Records, “This album is a direct representation of who I have become as an artist and as a man.”

Coming in hot off his latest single ‘Backbreaker’ with DJ Diesel (also known as Shaquille O’Neal), FREAKY has just dropped his debut album ‘Duality’ via Subsidia Records, which culminates twelve tracks that demonstrate his versatility as an artist. FREAKY has successfully been able to mesh together heavy and melodic dubstep, taking listeners on a journey through the last three years of his life.

“This album is a direct representation of who I have become as an artist and as a man…this is my evolution, this is my Duality.” 

With the Covid-19 pandemic having taken its toll on the entire world since March of 2020, FREAKY has been able to embrace both the positives and the negatives throughout this time, creating something of his own and telling a story that is relatable to his fans and wider listeners.

“This album has been 3 years in the making, finding my sound, my place in the industry, finding myself and who I want to be as an artist going forward. I’m so excited to show you both sides of me; All of me. My Duality.”

Having collaborated with artists such as DJ Diesel, Chassi, and High Zombie on the album, there is absolutely no doubt that ‘Duality’ will leave its mark on the dubstep scene this year. You can view the tracklist down below:


Attention – FREAKY x High Zombie
Bleed Blood ft. GLNNA – FREAKY
Backbreaker – FREAKY x DJ Diesel
Different ft. GLNNA – FREAKY
Engage – FREAKY
Beep Boop – FREAKY x Drinkurwater
Wide Awake ft. Diandra Faye – FREAKY
Block – FREAKY x Blvk Sheep
Back In Time ft. Dani – FREAKY x Perry Wayne
Rubberbands – FREAKY x CHASSI
Never ft. GLNNA – FREAKY x O.M.

You can stream ‘Duality’ by FREAKY down below, please be sure to let us know your thoughts!

Image credit: FREAKY Official Press

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