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Nile Rodgers talks about Daft Punk and the creation of ‘Get Lucky’: Watch

Fender recently came out with a video featuring Nile Rodgers, legendary Chic guitarist and producer, where he reminisces over his most notable collaborations in his career. One of them was his work with Daft Punk on ‘Get Lucky’.

Nile Rodgers met the Parisian duo on a listening party of their 2001 album ‘Discovery’ in New York. Little did he know, they were big fans of Chic, and they pulled him aside and told him they “quietly dedicate this album to Bernard Edwards”, a band member of Chic that had recently passed away at that time.

He shares the story of their collaborative pitch to Nile: “They wanted to do a record as if the internet never existed. And I knew what that meant. They wanted to do this”, Nile says,¬†pointing at his tstudio setup he’s been working with for years. That entailed, as he explained, “making records on the spot”.¬†Shortly after, in 2013, ‘Get Lucky’ was released, now considered a timeless summer hit. Although it’s been a little over a year from Daft Punk parting ways, their legacy, just like the one of Chic, continues to live on.

His Hitmaker Stratocaster guitar is a legendary vintage rarity that was a part of his artistic journey from the early beginnings of Chic, and if you’re curious to find out how the melodies of ‘Get Lucky’ and many other hits came to be on this guitar, check out the video below:

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