MR BLACK magazine interview

The captivating energy of MR.BLACK: Interview

The last two years have seen a real revolution in livestreams, much of it driven by the changes injected by the pandemic. But just when you thought you had seen it all when it comes to live performances, one of the most prominent Israeli electronic music exports offers you something new. MR.BLACK is a reference in his style but also in the art of livesets, possessing a unique mastery capable of creating an uplifting atmosphere that never stops.

Allied with TESLA Motors, the DJ and music producer has created an original and electrifying experience: ‘Lift Your Energy‘. Powered by the innovative and clean energy emitted by the Model S cars that surrounded him in this incredible set, MR.BLACK achieved the perfect communion between the technology of electric vehicles and his mind-blowing music, which is also converted into energy. We wanted to know everything behind this project and much more, and talked with MR.BLACK all about it.


Hi MR.BLACK, thank you for talking with us for the April edition of our magazine. From live streams to NFTs, we find you and your music always on the verge of trends. What do you think about the technological evolution that has been evident in music in recent times?

The last 2 years with the Covid-19 pandemic had forced everyone to stay at home which allowed the digital environment to accelerate in different aspects, such as the livestreams and virtual shows. Also, at the same time, all the Web3.0 aspects have developed rapidly – the Blockchain, NFTs and the Metaverse. All of these things started to influence the art industry and also quickly impacted the music industry. From the art perspective, you can see it within The Apes NFTs, where the holder of the NFT can access a very exclusive and strong community. In the music industry, you have multiple examples such as Snoop Dogg who sold his album for millions of dollars, and created his own real estate in the Metaverse. I’m more than sure that clubs and festivals will also be part of this in higher volume in the future, and will hold events in the Metaverse regularly. This is just the beginning.


Last month you blew the internet away with the massive ‘Lift Your Energy’ performance that combined your music with the technology of electric vehicles. How did this pioneering project come about?

It’s a really interesting story! I was watching Netflix and saw the SpaceX series, and while I was watching it they were showing a lot of technology. I saw that every time they went to the spaceship they took a Tesla car with them. When I went to sleep, I had a dream about doing a set with Tesla cars around me, and I had this vision of combining music and technology. I shared it with my manager, where we then reached out to Tesla and the rest is history. We are super grateful that the Tesla team flowed with our crazy idea.


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Image credit: Tal Kolt