Carl Cox

Carl Cox confirms the release of his first album in over a decade with a new single

Carl Cox is set to ‘bring you a true electronic music experience‘ with his first album in over ten years.

Just over a year ago we reported the news that Carl Cox had signed with BMG. Now details have finally arrived of his first work since signing on, and it’s the King’s first album in the last decade. ‘Electronic Generations‘ is the name of the upcoming 17-track LP which will be released on September 16 this year via BMG. This is the first long-playing since the acclaimed 2011 album ‘All Roads Lead To The Dancefloor‘.

Carl Cox’s energy and love for the craft are as legendary as his talent. The artist’s level of delivery is proportional to the satisfaction of his crowd. Throughout his very long career, ravers have changed and so has Cox’s sound, which has always been able to shape itself to the mood of the dancefloor. It’s a time of modernism and electronic generations and Carl Cox has been drinking in and assimilating what the partygoers bring him on the dancefloor and together with his creativity to build the long-awaited new album. On the process behind ‘Electronic Generations’, Carl Cox said:

I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to share this album (…) As a live artist and a DJ I get to play all over the world and to see people enjoying the shared experience of being together and dancing. I’ve pulled together all the elements that I’ve learned from watching those crowds, added my sound and tried to bring you a true electronic music experience.’

Accompanying this unveiling of details of the new album, Cox also shared one of the extracts from the upcoming LP. ‘How It Makes You Feel’ is one techno cut produced alongside techno royalty Nicole Moudaber, who tangles here with Cox following their 2014 collaboration ‘See You Next Tuesday‘. Out now, the new single is a full-bodied and ferocious techno track. Dynamic and hard-hitting, it surprises with vivacious and mutating sonorities, which pick up and drop out of the lead. There’s no lack of rhythm although the highlight is undoubtedly the density and depth of the melody and each of the layers, that seem to speak to you individually. Cox knows that he has chosen the right person to give wings to this incredible and powerful tune:

‘Nicole is a genius (…) She’s able to take my original concept which might not be totally the kind of record she would make, but she likes a challenge and she set the bar high and ran with it. I think she’s done a wonderful job with this one.’

The king of techno is also reflected in the progressive character of ‘How It Makes You Feel’ and the complexity of the message it encapsulates:

‘In today’s darkness of techno I wanted to create something more jovial. So the original is quite an easy track to enjoy, it’s very bubbly and bouncy. But with this new version, Nicole has made a very dark twisted re-imagining. It’s now very much epic techno – which you have to play from beginning to end to get the full experience. It takes you on a journey, and it just gets stronger and stronger with its twists and turns.’

This is a great appetiser for the new album and something that will get you excited for the other tracks the album will offer, such as its predecessor ‘Speed Trials on Acid‘ by Cox with his long-time friend Fatboy Slim. For now, tell us ‘How It Makes You Feel’.


Image Credit: Carl Cox / Provided by Measure PR UK