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Carl Cox and Christopher Coe: creating Awesome Soundwave [Magazine Exclusive]

We make a lot of jokes together and nothing is too serious. But we always finish and we always deliver.” This is how the cover stars of the July issue of We Rave You Digital Magazine Carl Cox and Christopher Coe describe their work together.

A handful of years ago the two titans Carl Cox and Christopher Coe materialized their devotion and love for live music and created Awesome Soundwave. More than a label and a place dedicated to live electronic artists, it is a distinct concept that offers something diverse to the industry. How this label was born, what is the place of live artists in the current electronic music panorama, and what to expect from the residency in Ibiza. These are some questions that We Rave You asked Carl Cox and Christopher Coe in this July issue, making you dive into a real journey to the core of this Awesome Soundwave.

Carl and Christopher, thank you for the honour of this conversation. You are artists, you are friends, you are partners, you live in the same town, and you are a fourhanded wizard in the studio. Who are Carl Cox and Christopher Coe when they’re together?

Cox: “Chris is a calm and considered presence, I like to turn everything on and push all the buttons and he comes with a more technical approach so we really work well together. I know what I love to hear and I have no problem articulating it and Christopher never lets his ego get in the way and is not afraid of working hard to get a result. I have always loved being in the studio and have done so many records over the years, but often it’s been hard to do a lot because of my show schedule and so now I feel like I’ve been able to achieve so much more because we can collaborate across time zones and locations. 


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Image credit: Sophie Howarth @sophiehawarthphotography