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Charlotte de Witte closes out KNTXT stage at Tomorrowland in style: Watch

On Friday night as Tomorrowland opened its gates once again, Charlotte de Witte closed out her label KNTXT‘s stage in explosive style as they took over the Atmosphere tent.

A staple of the festival, Charlotte de Witte is in for a busy Tomorrowland season as she completes her first of three sets this year, one of them being as the closing act on the ‘Reflection of Love’ mainstage for the first time on Saturday 30 July, being the first female act in the festival’s history to achieve this. But before all of this, her first performance this year took her to the impressive indoor Atmosphere tent, a design which encompasses a huge indoor space with lights surrounding the entire place. As her label took over, she had the closing spot just after Enrico Sangiuliano.

Starting strong by teasing the packed out stage with an ID, she started as she meant to go on with no less than 7 other IDs, some of which have become crowd favourites already and are eagerly waiting to be unleashed onto streaming platforms. Of course, some of her most popular tracks were in full force, the likes of ‘Closer‘, ‘Satori‘ and ‘Sgadi Li Mi‘ to name just a few on display. Another two tracks that have become favourites amongst the KNTXT circle are rising techno star Amazingblaze‘s ‘Venture‘ and ‘Inner Fire‘, released via the label. Whenever these tracks are played out, they understandably get huge crowd reactions and this was no different. One of the great things about Charlotte de Witte is that she always caters her sets to newer and older techno fans, throwing in new releases with some absolute classics to curate dynamic and mindblowing sets.

You can relive the 2-hour set below via the livestream, and be sure to check out the full tracklist via 1001Tracklists here.

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