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Fatboy slim releases “Right Here, Right Then” celebration of Big Beach Boutique

Fatboy Slim is celebrating the 20th anniversary of his Big Beach Boutique which took place on July 13, 2002.  The massive gathering of fans saw over 250,000 fans gather on Brighton Beach for what was described as the “biggest event the UK has ever seen.”

With 60 songs and over three hours of music, the newly released set is a must listen for fans of the iconic producer, who has spent 2022 simultaneously looking back at his storied career, through both this release as well as a documentary focused on Woodstock ’99, as well as pushing forward as he prepares for his All Back to Minehead festival in November of this year.  As for the this new collection, Right Here, Right Then, is streaming everywhere now, allowing fans to relive the excitement and rush of Fatboy Slim, and is also available in a variety of physical renditions for fans who prefer that route.  For the super fans, their is a three disc collection that offers the entire Big Beach Boutique 2002 show, as well as Big Beach Boutique 5 and a brand new DJ mix for 2022.  This set also contains a collection of postcards and a 48 page book of photos with a forward by Fatboy Slim and notes from Ralph Moore.  The smaller collection is just two discs, and omits the photo book as well as the Big Beach Boutique 5 set, but both options do include a DVD with a remastered film of the iconic event for fans to relive the moment.

Looking back on the massive event, Fatboy Slim had this to say, “I think I was too stressed on the day about crowd safety to really take it all in, to fully enjoy the experience. Now I feel I can look back at the footage, remember the tunes, that sunset, my home seafront looking like a carnival in Brazil, so many beautiful people having the time of their lives, I have never seen such joyous madness, such good natured abandon…A wise man once described me as ‘a shepherd of moments.” 


Image Credit: Rukes.com

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