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Rank 1 drop remastered deluxe version of their iconic 2002 album ‘Symsonic’

Rank 1 released the deluxe remastered edition of their singular artist album ‘Symsonic’ and a remastered edition of their ‘Live At Trance Energy’ set from 2002.

Iconic trance duo Rank 1 have marked the 20th anniversary of the release of their one and only album ‘Symsonic’, with a definitive version of the album, available across streaming, download and vinyl. Digital formats also carry a disc’s worth of the best-known and most celebrated remixes of their work, from artists like Cosmic Gate, Ferry Corsten, Push, ATB and Marco V.

Twenty years ago this month, Benno de Goeij & Piet Bervoets put out ‘Symsonic’, which featured anthems like ‘Such Is Life’, ‘Awakening’ and their signature track ‘Airwave’. The album thrust the group into the big leagues, cementing their reputation as one of the Dutch trance greats, as fans became evermore aware that it would be the group’s one-and-only LP. Since then, the pair have been dedicated exclusively to shorter forms like singles, EPs and collaborations while maintaining the ‘Rank 1 sound’ that made the album so striking and popular.

Simultaneously, the titanic two-some also dropped a remastered version of their famed Trance Energy set, offering fans the chance to recapture a moment in the genre’s history as far back as 2002. Complete with each of their most recognised productions, every kick-drum thump, goosebump-inducing harmony, rafter-raising synth, and resulting crowd cheer has been revitalised, ready to be enjoyed all over again.

As mentioned before, the remastered deluxe version of ‘Symsonic’ is now available through all good streaming, vinyl and download channels; stream it for yourselves below! You can also experience Rank 1’s memorable 2002 Trance Energy set here.

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