VAVO team up with Clara Mae for new single ‘Take Me Home’: Listen

The production duo VAVO, comprised of Jesse Fischer and Alden Martin, from Vancouver and London respectively, have been infiltrating the industry for some time now, amassing over 100 million streams on their dance floor ready productions.  With a handful of accolades, such as holding the #1 single on USA Dance Radio Charts, as well as remixing industry heavyweights like Sam Feldt, RAYE and Sam Fischer, they return now with their newest banger, Take Me Home.

Building upon recent singles Weekends and Highs & Lows, their newest single sees them teaming up with the incredible Clara Mae on vocal duties.  Her resume includes massive works with the likes of David Guetta and Tiesto, and from the start of this new single, her talent shines through with her stunning vocal performance and top line.  She quickly introduces herself with a smooth set of “nah, nah, nah” that resonates over the opening synth before the verse starts in earnest.  By the time the chorus arrives, VAVO deliver a beautiful piano foundation for her infectious chorus, “When the sun’s up you can’t make your mind up, But then when the night comes you can’t be alone, I’m writing secret love songs, Wonder if I love wrong, Cus you don’t let the world know when you take me home.”  By the time the refrain of “nah nah nah” returns in the drop, it is nearly impossible to not be humming and singing along.

Alongside the stunning vocals, VAVO more than hold their own, having created a track that is pulsing, engaging and entertaining from start to finish.  From the opening moments, the duo provide a single that builds upon a solid synth layer and quickly introduces a driving percussion layer that will get crowds moving no matter where in the world they are.  Allowing the production to breath with a layer of piano under the chorus before the drop hits is a great touch and helps make the full power of the drop hit even harder.  Check out the latest from VAVO out now, right here.


Image Credit: VAVO (Press)