Blacklist Festival

Blacklist is back to Bootshaus for a massive bass music rave

Riot Ten and Habstrakt are two of the names that will fire up the Bootshaus rooms on March 3rd.

Germany’s legendary bass brand Blacklist is back with a powerful and highly anticipated Reincarnation. Get ready for something massive. More than just a festival and parties, Blacklist has become a powerful concept that is followed by a giant and super-loyal legion of fans who have found their temple in the famed Bootshaus in Cologne. To start the month of March with energy levels at maximum, Bootshaus will host Blacklist Reincarnation on the 3rd in great style, with a boisterous line-up.

Ready to set the Mainfloor on fire will be fan favourites Habstrakt and Riot Ten, accompanied by Gentlemens Club, Flobu and Badfella. Tisoki is one of the most anticipated names at BLCKBX which will also welcome other names such as Nimda, Syzy, Sekula, Autodrive and Makla. If there weren’t already enough names to turn this night into a massive bass music rave, there is still one more room to welcome you. Dreherei hosted by BLVCK CROWZ includes of course the band themselves, but also John Dee, Oldschoolswitch, Zombie Cats and Tabarnak.

The fun starts at 11 pm and will last until the early hours of the morning, on a night where there will be no shortage of music. The lineup will bring together an excellent selection of artists loved in this genre in the booth and on the dancefloors a dedicated crowd, turning Bootshaus grouds into a giant gathering of like-minded people. If you’re one of the thousands of Blacklist soldiers you certainly don’t want to miss this great event. Recharge your batteries at this Blacklist Reincarnation and grab your tickets now at the official Bootshaus website. Keep in mind, it’s on Friday, March 3rd.



Image Credit: Patrick Meurer / Courtesy of Bootshaus