Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter shares new single from upcoming orchestral album

With Daft Punk having pulled the plug on the robots career two years ago, one half of the duo, Thomas Bangalter, is looking to forge a new sonic path for his musical output.  Trading in his synthesizer and drum machines, the iconic producer has reinvoked his fondness for composition and will be sharing an orchestral piece with the world.

The upcoming album, Mythologies, is due out on April 7th of this year and was inspired by a ballet of the same name, which choreographer Angelin Preljocaj persuaded Bangalter to create the composition for.  Like all of his works, Mythologies invokes deep lyrical and musical themes, taking listeners on a journey through orchestral sweeps instead of digital synths.  Now, with the album still over two months away from release, a second single from the collection has been shared.  The new piece of music, XIII: Le Minoutaure provides yet another piece of the puzzle of what this entire suite of sounds will reveal.

Le Minoutaure follows up the collection’s first single, L’Accouchement, which was released earlier this year alongside the announcement of the album.  Clocking in at just under seven and a half minutes, the new single expands upon the mood and orchestration of the prior release, and has more time to ebb and flow as it navigates the conscious and reveals its own part of the story.  With 23 songs on the album total and a run time of just under an hour and a half, Le Minoutaure seems to hold a significant space in the piece to be placed at the center of the action, and given such a devoted slot in the track listing.

While many fans will certainly prefer the funky melodies of One More TimeAround The World, and Get Lucky, Thomas Bangalter is showcasing his full talents with Mythologies, putting on another masterclass of orchestration and writing, just as he did in Daft Punk.


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