Alison Wonderland - Whyte Fang

Alison Wonderland releases title track from upcoming Whyte Fang album, Genesis; listen

By all accounts, 2023 has certainly been one of the most active years for Alison Wonderland on a variety of fronts as she continues to step on massive stages around the globe and prepares to release the debut album from her alias, Whyte Fang.  The side project has been years in the making but has only been given a more public spotlight within the last year or so.

With just two weeks to go until the release of the project’s debut album, Genesis, Alison Wonderland has shared the project’s title track which features co-writers, Jacob Ray and Jay Watson of Tame Impala and Pond fame.  Following up on recent singles Transport God and Scream, the latest Whyte Fang single continues the trend of dark electronica and heavy bass elements, while also featuring a bright synth pad and smooth vocal from Jacob Ray to open the track.  When the drop does kick, listeners are treated to the pulsing rhythms that have defined previous tracks from the project, providing a solid contrast to the dynamics of Genesis.

The release of the new single will tide fans over until the official album release occurs on April 14th, the same day that Alison Wonderland will take the stage at Coachella as Whyte Fang for the first time.  Although no future performances have been announced, the back-to-back weekends of Coachella will make for her 2nd and 3rd sets of the year for Whyte Fang, following the March warehouse party in Brooklyn, NY to celebrate her newly launched record label. FMU Records.  Wonderland will not only be celebrating the album release this year but has also announced to the world that she is pregnant and will be expecting her first child later this year.  While this will certainly impact any timeline for future Whyte Fang performances, the release of Genesis will surely tide fans over upon its release.

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