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Tomorrowland announces ‘The Reflection of Love’ theme for Brazil event

Tomorrowland festival organizers have gone above and beyond to create an event that is second to none and build a brand that encompasses the needs of the dance community year-round.  While the flagship event takes place in Belgium over the summer, Tomorrowland showcases its special magic, unique line-ups, and eye-popping stage designs through multiple festivals.

Now, organizers have revealed the theme for a South American version of the festival later this year.  Set to take place in São Paulo in October of this year, Tomorrowland will bring The Reflection of Love theme to Brazil.  Of course, fans will recognize that this was the theme for the main events return last summer when after two dark years due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the event showcased a massive, three weekend, spectacle with the magnificent Reflection of Love mainstage as the centerpiece of the experience.  While every event, whether it be the main festival, Winter edition, or now the Brazil event, offers a different design for the layout and stages, the high standard and quality craftsmanship are always second to none.

When the main Tomorrowland event went on sale earlier this year, tickets sold out in record time, so it is important to register for the Brazil event immediately and start making plans for São Paulo in anticipation of the autumn event.  Registration is currently open at the Tomorrowland Brasil official website ahead of the worldwide sale which will occur on March 30th.  While no artists have been announced yet for the festival, fans around the world know the quality of acts that Tomorrowland attracts as well as the ability to deliver unique and once in a lifetime b2b’s and live sets from its artists.

Although it feels like a ways away right now, the weekend of October 12th isn’t that far away so start making travel plans for a weekend of magical moments and iconic music live from Brazil.

Tomorrowland Brazil

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