Bootshaus and K.R.A.K.E. invite you to participate in a clean-up day to help the environment

In collaboration with K.R.A.K.E., Bootshaus promotes a clean-up day with plenty of music included.

Bootshaus is the reference venue in Cologne and throughout Germany, occupying the top positions in the world ranking of the best clubs. But Bootshaus is much more than that. Being part of the entertainment and nightlife industry includes being aware of its impact on the environment. There is now a wealth of information available about the state of conservation of the planet, the impact of man’s actions on its destruction and also the power of man to save it. Bootshaus is committed to the environment and uses its visibility in society to actively participate in raising awareness and adopting more ecological behaviour. The brand is aware of the footprint that the music industry represents and is willing to balance it, step by step, and for this, it needs your help.

On May 7 Bootshaus will join forces with K.R.A.K.E. e.V. (Cologne Rhine Cleanup Command Unit) for a mega clean-up day and everyone is invited. The aim is to contribute to the cleanliness of the surrounding areas in Deutz and Rhine, removing waste and garbage from these areas. This is the perimeter they propose to clean up on May 7, but this action has an educational character that aims to promote awareness and environmentally friendly actions in everyone’s daily life, everywhere. The gathering is scheduled for 1 pm and the meeting point is Bootshaus. Come along and bring your good spirit with you. Gloves, trash bags and grippers will be provided by K.R.A.K.E..

And as Bootshaus is music in any circumstance, after the successful cleaning, all participants are invited to relax together in the outdoor area of Bootshaus and enjoy a drink to the sound of live DJ sets by Lyne and Hotte.

So that the organisation can arrange the teams and know how many volunteers to expect, you will be asked to fill in an application (at no cost involved) at




Image Credit: JUSTFABI