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Lane 8 unveils the final ID of his Spring 2022 Mixtape titled ‘La Niña’: Listen

This Never Happened head honcho, Lane 8 has unveiled the final ID from his Spring 2022 Mixtape and it’s titled ‘La Niña.’ Fans have been eagerly awaiting its release since it was featured in the Mixtape and played live during the Reviver tours.

Daniel Goldstein a.k.a Lane 8, has made a comeback with another mesmerizing track on his record label, This Never Happened. Titled ‘La Niña’, the song has been released just a few weeks after his previously released ten-minute-long masterpiece, ‘Woman’. It seems that Goldstein is on a roll as he continuously delivers one exceptional piece of music after another. The two ID tracks were previously featured on Goldstein’s iconic seasonal mixtapes, where ‘Woman’ was the opener ID of the Spring 2023 Mixtape, and ‘La Niña’ was the final ID of the Winter 2022 Mixtape.

With ‘Woman’ having a great backstory to it as to why it became a 10-minute track which you can check out here, it seems this new release might also have a story behind it. ‘La Niña’, the counterpart to this much-anticipated EP, appears to have a story behind it. The Spanish phrase ‘La Niña’ translates to ‘the girl’, and Lane 8 might have dedicated this track to his daughter. This is indicated by several pictures that he shared on social media while announcing the release, where he can be seen with his daughter.


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Lane 8 has always been appreciated for his ability to create music that takes the listener on an emotional journey. He has a unique style of blending different genres, which makes his music stand out from the rest. His music has been known to have an ethereal quality that transports the listener to a different world altogether. And With ‘La Niña’, Lane 8 has once again proven his expertise in music production.

The song has a beautiful melody and a captivating beat that will make you want to dance. The seamless fusion of different sounds and instruments is a testament to Lane 8’s talent and creativity. Overall, Lane 8’s ‘La Niña’ is a treat for music lovers, and it is a must-add to any playlist. It is evident that Lane 8 is not slowing down anytime soon, and we can expect many more incredible tracks from him in the future.

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