Moby celebrates his past with new album ‘Resound NYC’: Listen

Moby has found world renown for his incredible productions and infectious melodies, as well as his now-iconic move to license the tracks on his commercial breakout album, Play, to help garner traction for the release.  Now, three decades into his career, he takes a look back at some of his early successes through the lens of an orchestra.

Despite this being his 20th album, Moby shows no signs of slowing down as this release is already his second of 2023, following up his earlier release, Ambient 23.  For Resound 23, Moby opts to focus on his output from 1994 through 2010, choosing 15 tracks written during that period in New York City and giving them a rework with a variety of collaborators such as Lady Blackbird, Gregory Porter, Ricky Wilson, and Nicole Scherzinger.  Discussing some of the arrangements, Moby went on to say:

“An orchestra can be anything, it can be whatever the composer wants it to be.  So rather than having every song receive the same orchestral treatment, I kind of built a bespoke orchestral approach for each song.”

In crafting the project, and looking back upon his early days as a musician and producer, he further contemplates the evolution of the world and the music scene as a whole, reminiscing about the changing landscape and overall world which we inhabit:

“When you think of the ’90s, Bill Clinton was President; the rave scene was this utopian, idyllic world; the Soviet Union had ended; climate change was just an idea for a book that Al Gore was going to write. Back then, making music was this celebration of the potential that our world had, that our culture had. And now it’s almost a refuge in an at times terrifying and apocalyptic world.”

For Moby and his career, there is much to celebrate and Resound NYC is a breath of fresh air for his already storied catalog of songs.  Stream the new album out now, or pick up a vinyl or CD in his official store.


Image Credit: Travis-Schneider / Provided by Gold Atlas PR

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