Wonderful Days – The Classic Rave Festival Vol. IV is coming to Bootshaus on May 27

Join Bootshaus for a crazy trip back to the 90s with the fourth volume of Wonderful Days – The Classic Rave Festival

Are you ready to revive the golden days of raves? Dust off the disco ball and get your fancy clothes, because the 90s raves are back at Bootshaus with Wonderful Days – The Classic Rave Festival Vol. IV. After the massive success that the previous edition had, classic raves are going to the next level. Vol. III sold out and Vol. IV is following the same path. If you want to be part of this event, grab your tickets here.

The 90s were very rich in many ways. Electronic music experienced its most metamorphic moments during this decade and raves were at their peak. It was a celebration of music, community and a sense of liberation that is hard to describe. Wonderful Days events celebrate the beginnings of rave and express the original values in their parties and festivals. They are revival events that always feature a very current line-up. They are time capsules that attract more and more partygoers from all over the world with the common goal of enjoying a classic rave.

Wonderful Days - The Classic Rave Festival VOL IV

On May 27, Bootshaus is the chosen stage to host Wonderful Days – The Classic Rave Festival Vol IV, in a night that promises to go down in history. The schedule is the usual, starting at 10 pm and ending when the sun invites you to go home. As usual with Wonderful Days, the line-up is phenomenal. For this Vol. IV of The Classic Rave Festival there will be on duty in the booths Westbam, Charly Lownoise, BBE, DJ Dag, Bonzai All Stars, Ian Van Dahl, Sakin & Friends, Tom Wax, Shaun Baker, Pulsedriver, Ulli Brenner, Andry Nalin, Marco Zaffarano, DJ Quicksilver, Taucher, DJ Wag, Andy Dux, DJ Ectic, Eric Smax, Mijk van Dijk, Melanie Di Tria, DJ Falk, Eric SSL, Chris Nitro, Freddy Trash and MC Apster.

There will be no shortage of good music, which will be spread across all four areas of Bootshaus. It will be a journey through time, at the speed of sound. An unforgettable celebration in an event that will be memorable. Don’t miss it. It’s time to rave!


Image Credit: Bootshaus