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Ryanair bans alcohol on flights to Ibiza after anti-social incidents

UK airline Ryanair has banned duty-free alcohol on flights to Ibiza, after a series of recent anti-social incidents.

Airline Ryanair has announced that duty-free alcohol will now be forbidden on flights from the UK to Ibiza, after a series of anti-social incidents on the route. Moving forward, any alcohol purchased in duty-free will have to be tagged and stored with luggage in the hold. Those not adhering to the new rules, issued to travellers in a recent email, whole risk being removed from the aircraft without any compensation as the airline goes on to state;

“Boarding gates will be carefully monitored and customers showing any signs of anti-social behaviour or attempting to conceal alcohol will be denied travel without refund or compensation […] If the alcohol is unsuitable for placing in the hold (eg a plastic bag) then customers will be required to dispose of the alcohol in the bins provided.”

The move comes after a number of alcohol-related incidents on flights to the Balearic Islands, which have ultimately pushed the organisation to crack down for the greater safety of all of its customers and even its staff. As recent as April, over a dozen people in Manchester were withdrawn from a flight for an alcohol-induced incident before departure to Ibiza, causing significant delays for other on-board and on other flights.

In the coming months, it will be interesting to see if any other airline follows Ryanair in banning duty-free alcohol to avoid similar disruption in the near future; time will tell.


Image Credit: Ushuaïa Ibiza (Press) / Provided by NEU Communications

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