Armin van Buuren Tomorrowland 2022

Armin van Buuren unveils 5 new IDs during Tomorrowland 2023 W2 set: Watch

Saturday set from Armin van Buuren at Tomorrowland, Weekend 2, 2023, lights up the night with unreleased hits and stunning mashups.

Tomorrowland, reached its peak excitement on Saturday, with none other than the legendary Armin Van Buuren gracing the mainstage. The iconic DJ and producer took the audience on an exhilarating journey, delivering a set filled with his classic hits, fresh remixes, and unreleased gems.

The crowd erupted with delight as Armin Van Buuren kicked off his set with an explosive version of “This Is What It Feels Like,” featuring the mesmerizing vocals of Trevor Guthrie, reimagined in his 2023 remix.

Known for his ability to read the crowd and create an immersive experience, Armin flawlessly transitioned from one track to another, keeping the energy levels soaring throughout the night. Fans were treated to some of his most cherished compositions, including “Your Love Is A Drug,” featuring the sensational KAZI JAY, and the captivating collaboration “On & On,” which featured the radiant voice of Alika. When Armin dropped his signature anthem “I Live For That Energy.” Arms waved, voices united in harmony, and the mainstage transformed into a sea of euphoria. The unity and joy in the crowd perfectly embodied the spirit of Tomorrowland.

While Armin’s own tracks dominated the setlist, he masterfully weaved in some of the year’s most beloved tracks. “Drugs From Amsterdam” by Mau P and “Push Up” by Creeds found their way into the mix, elevating the collective energy of the crowd even further. As well as this, one of the most thrilling aspects of Armin Van Buuren’s set was the inclusion of unreleased tracks, providing a sneak peek into his evolving sound and future projects.

As the night approached its climax, Armin delivered a mind-blowing mashup. Blending the infectious energy of “Blah Blah Blah” with the emotional resonance of “Wild Wild Son,” the Dutch maestro created a harmonious fusion of sound, featuring Brennan Heart, Toneshifterz, Zany, Devin Wild, and Sam Martin.

Armin Van Buuren’s performance on the mainstage, was a true celebration of music’s power to unite and uplift. Through his timeless classics, unreleased surprises, and jaw-dropping mashups, he once again proved why he remains a central figure in the music scene.

You can view the entire tracklist from Armin Van Buuren here and be kept up to date with all the latest for the 2023 edition of Tomorrowland on their YouTube.


Image Credit: Tomorrowland

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