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John Summit officially remixes deadmau5 & Kaskade’s iconic track ‘I Remember’: Listen

John Summit, one of dance music’s red-hot artists, has become the first to officially remix deadmau5 and Kaskade’s iconic track ‘I Remember.’

Ever since its release back in 2008, deadmau5 and Kaskade’s ‘I Remember’ has become a timeless collaboration defining dance music, earning critical acclaim and amassing millions of streams. Fast forward 15 years later, and the now Kx5 duo have given their seal of approval to no other than American DJ/producer John Summit to release the first official remix of their record.

“Such an honor to remix this record.. it was truly the track that made me fall in love w dance music and kick off this whole journey for me.. to remix it 15 years later is such a full circle moment” – John Summit on Twitter

John Summit’s ‘I Remember’ remix captivates listeners from the very first beat, maintaining the essence of the original while incorporating fresh elements to propel it into today’s dance music landscape. The signature ethereal vocals and the haunting piano chords of the original blend brilliantly with John Summit’s energetic bassline, infectious synths and well-defined percussion to create a modern house/progressive hit. With its seamless blend of nostalgia and modernity, his remix is destined to be a staple on dance floors for years to come, carrying on the legacy of the original track while paving the way for the future of electronic dance music.  

One of John Summit’s first encounters with deadmau5 and Kaskade occurred when they gave him the green light to remix ‘Escape’ last year. He rang in 2023 by playing an amazing back-to-back set with Kaskade and is set to play another back-to-back set with Kaskade at Insomniac’s HARD Summer 2023 next month. As John Summit continues to make his mark on the dance music scene with iconic performances, captivating remixes and amazing singles, his remix of ‘I Remember’ is a testament to his talent and hit-making ability. Check out John Summit’s remix of deadmau5 and Kaskade’s ‘I Remember’ on Spotify down below or on your favorite streaming platform


Image Credit: John Summit (Press) / Provided by Rephlektor & Ultra Records

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