Afrojack classic ‘Polkadots’ gets the Space Ducks remix treatment, completes trilogy of releases: Listen

In recent months, Afrojack and his imprint Wall Recordings team have celebrated the Dutch producer’s iconic 2009 hit, Polkadots. Now the label has served up the final production in the trilogy of remixes with a fresh take on the track from Space Ducks.

While the electronic music landscape has changed drastically in the 14 years since Afrojack first released Polkadots into the world, the classics never go out of style and this recent remix project from Wall Recordings has served as a fresh reminder of how the past influences the future. Starting with a fresh remix from Sven Fields and Chasner, the track was next turned over to Truth x Lies who gave Polkadots a tech house update before finally delivering a sonic journey from the duo of Space Ducks. Serving as the final remix in the trilogy, Space Ducks take the Afrojack classic and inject their own rhythms and atmosphere into the single.

The bass seemingly rises like a jet engine as the familiar topline and melodies of the original combine with the fresh sounds and production, making the Space Ducks’ version feel like a galactic journey, an energy that encapsulates the duo’s style and sound perfectly. Over the two minutes and eighteen seconds of music, the track will certainly provide the appropriate amount of nostalgia for the original and a bygone era of dance music where a song about “polkadots” helped define the beginnings of an iconic career for Afrojack, while simultaneously standing out as a fresh take with a style and energy that certainly makes this remix a defining release for Space Ducks.

Now that the trilogy of remixes has been released, Wall Recordings and Afrojack can continue to push forward, helping curate new and up-and-coming talent in the electronic music scene while the label boss continues to build upon his already legendary career. Enjoy the Space Ducks remix of Polkadots below.

Image Credit: Ruud Baan / Provided by Wall Recordings

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