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Yotto releases deep remix of ‘Tied To You’ by Elderbrook: Listen

Famous for his tracks “Rhythm (Of The Night)” and “Just Over”, Finnish EDM producer Yotto has released a new remix. He recently made a rework of the song “Tied To You” by Elderbrook and added a deep touch. The original track is very soulful and melodic, but Yotto put his own twist by creating a more powerful underlying beat. Best known for his progressive house style, he put his signature sound in this remix and fans could definitely tell this is a remix by him. He has a way of blending melodic sounds with pulsating beats that make listeners bob their heads from side to side.

Yotto’s remix of “Tied To You” shows his unique style of creating music, but also leaves Elderbrook with integrity for his own work. His twist doesn’t take away from the essence of how this song makes fans feel. In Elderbrook’s original track, one can expect to hear powerful lyrics, a soft underlying beat, and a melody that ties it all together. When Yotto remixed it, he clearly added a harder beat to give it more depth and stay true to his signature sound. The remix really showcases his unique ability to flawlessly blend different musical elements together.

One of Yotto’s greatest strengths as a producer is his intuition for preserving the original sound of a track while putting his own twist on it. In his remix of “Tied To You” by Elderbrook, he maintains the heartfelt lyrics at the beginning of the song and ends the rest of the song with just sound. His unique sound of melodic and progressive house and techno is obviously heard throughout the track. This rework will continue to amaze listeners and make its way into some of Yotto’s live shows.

Check out the release below!

Image Credit: Guerilla Music Promotion

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