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Daft Punk reveal that ‘Homework’ & ‘Discovery’ albums were recorded in a bedroom

in the lore and legacy of Daft Punk, few things seem impossible and rumors and mysteries always have the potential of holding a bit of truth. In a recent interview, one half of the duo, Thomas Bangalter confirmed one long-standing rumor to be true regarding the recording process for the duo’s iconic first two albums.

Fans have speculated that the first Daft Punk album, Homework had been in a bedroom, making the allure and intrigue over the robot’s notoriously secretive processes and history. While the duo’s decision to call it quits in early 2021 certainly sent shock waves throughout the entire music industry, the interest and importance of the duo’s music and its members continue to linger on. In a recent interview, Thomas Bangalter, who has spent his recent years completing an album of classical music titled Mythologies, a collection of music written to accompany a ballet of the same name, confirmed a long-standing rumor of the group’s early recording history.

The rumor that Thomas Bangalter and his partner Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo made an immediate impact on the musical landscape with the release of their debut album Homework, and fans had long spread the rumor that the iconic release had actually been recorded in a bedroom. Talking with Matt Everitt on The First Time… podcast, Bangalter confirmed the long-standing rumor by saying:

“It’s true, ‘Homework’ and ‘Discovery’ were done in the bedroom, in the same flat as I was watching Modern Times and we had [Stevie Wonder album] ‘Songs in the Key of Life’ constantly on the turntables. In this small bedroom, my parents had given me this small boombox for my 11th birthday, a JVC boombox with a little graphic equaliser, and I kept this thing. One day when we plugged in a few keyboards and samplers, I found that boombox and I put it on the stack of machines. And that little boombox is what we mixed and recorded both ‘Homework’ and ‘Discovery’ on. That was the magic one.”

For an iconic duo whose robot persona already made them a mystery to many, this reveal certainly adds to the lore of the iconic group.


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