Fedde Le Grand

Fedde Le Grand updates classic single with release of ‘ All Over The World 2023’: Listen

Having cultivated a strong following and immense respect from his peers throughout the industry, Fedde Le Grand has shown his prowess in the studio for well over a decade. Now the Dutch producer has opted to revisit one of his more recent singles, giving it a rework for 2023.

With a resume of collaborators including Coldplay, Mariah Carey, Fatboy Slim, Michael Jackson, and The Chainsmokers, just to name a few, Fedde Le Grand is renowned for his songwriting and production talents, helping elevate tracks across a variety of genres. For his latest offering, Le Grand looks back upon his own catalog, eyeing his 2019 single All Over The World, and it releases two new mixes for 2023. Simply titled All Over The World 2023, the collection includes a radio-friendly edit as well as an elevated club mix, giving fans and fellow producers two new visions of the track.

The radio edit clocks in at a concise three and a half minutes, and delivers a pulsing beat and rhythm as the vocal hook repeats over the production. While not overly flashy, it certainly is infectious in its orchestration, providing a single that would be a standout on any playlist. For the new club mix, Le Grand builds up with an extended intro, allowing the music and production to build and grow, and creating an ideal amount of space for fellow DJs to mix the track into their own live sets. With two minutes more runtime than the radio edit, the club mix provides more of a dark energy, ideal for the late-night hours with bodies dancing against each other in the confines of a club.

Commenting on the release, Fedde Le Grand simply states, “I’m here to spread love all over the world, that’s all I’ve ever done with my music.”

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