James Hype

James Hype plans a surprise birthday party and proposal for girlfriend Tita Lau

Superstar DJ-producer hybrid James Hype proposed to his girlfriend Tita Lau last week! Keep reading to find out how it went down and Tita’s reaction.

Jame Hype is not only the head honcho of prominent tech house label Stereohype, but also the boyfriend of renowned DJ Tita Lau. Together, this power couple has both dropped an assortment of house-fueled heaters, such as “B2B” and “Disconnected”. Additionally, they have shocked crowds with their elite mixing skills on some of the world’s biggest stages, from EDC Las Vegas to the hottest nightclubs in Ibiza.

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Last week was Tita’s birthday, and James surprised her with an extravagant birthday party and proposal. As seen in James’ widely acclaimed ‘Moving Differently’ YouTube series, episode 63 started off with an introduction from Wild Wallace. For those unfamiliar with the name, Wild Wallace is James’ main content creator and has shot amazing photos and videos for the artist over the years. Wild stands in front of a massive manor while announcing the surprise birthday party in store for Tita. Standing behind him are Sabion Pain and R3WIRE, friends of the couple and two of the top DJs out of the UK.

Once James and Tita arrive, everyone pops out and Tita is ecstatic. Yet, nobody except James and the cameraman (Wallace) knows about the proposal. They get the whole group outside to “take photos” and screams from Tita along with her friends ring out when James gets down on one knee. Of course, Tita says yes and there are smiles (and tears) all around. Then the party begins as everyone downs shots in celebration.

After a fun night surrounding the newly engaging James and Tita, the crew headed to Vegas for James’ headlining performance at Marquee.

Check out the full Moving Differently engagement episode below:

Image Credit: James Hype (Press) / Provided by Bootshaus