Shrek Rave

Shrek Rave unleashed: inside the phenomenon rocking the UK and Europe

The Shrek Rave UK and Europe parties unleashing whimsical mayhem and unforgettable parties.

The Shrek Rave UK tour is taking the country by storm, with tickets selling out fast. The tour will continue to transform venues across the UK and Europe into underground swamp spaces, where fans can let their inner ogre out to play. The culmination of this unforgettable tour is set to take place on October 14th in Bournemouth and December 9th in Barcelona, promising to leave attendees with memories of a party like no other.

Inspired by the infectious energy of viral Shrek Rave parties in Australia and the US, Shrek Rave UK has set out to create an unparalleled experience that brings out the inner ogre in all of us. Transforming carefully selected venues into underground swamp wonderlands, these parties invite guests to embrace the spirit of Shrek and throw on their quirkiest Shrek-themed outfits while dancing the night away.

Shrek Rave UK is not just about the music, it’s an immersive experience. Attendees can expect an explosion of Cannon Glitter Bombs, complimentary glow stick batons and rave whistles for the early birds, captivating stage dancers, and mesmerising digital visuals. To fuel the festive spirit, the event offers a range of swamp-inspired drinks to satisfy all revelers’ tastes.

DJs have and will continue to spin a diverse mix of tunes, including Tik-Tok hits, Shrek movie classics, 2000s UKG, R&B, Hip-Hop, Dancehall, Trance, House, and Club Anthems, as well as current rave tracks. The energetic MCs will keep the crowd jumping, and an exciting highlight awaits the best Shrek-inspired costume, which stands a chance to win a generous £100 cash prize.

The magic of Shrek Rave UK lies not only in its vibrant atmosphere but also in its refusal to take itself too seriously. In a world where coolness often takes center stage, Shrek Rave creates a space where fun reigns supreme.

Tickets are available at varying price points, starting at Super Early Bird £8, Early Bird £10, 2nd Release £12.50, and Final Release £15, with a door price of £20. Those interested can secure their spot by visiting the official website,


Sheffield – Saturday, 2 September at Corporation

London – Saturday, 2 September at FIRE Nightclub

Liverpool – Saturday, 9 September at HANGAR 34

Newcastle – Saturday, 9 September at Digital Newcastle

Glasgow – Saturday, 16 September at The Classic Grand

Manchester – Saturday, 23 September at Area Manchester

Bristol – Saturday, 30 September at PRYZM Bristol

Brighton – Saturday, 30 September at Shooshh

Nottingham – Saturday, 30 September at PRYZM Nottingham

Birmingham – Saturday, 7 October at PRYZM Birmingham

Leeds – Saturday, 14 October at PRYZM Leeds

Bournemouth – Saturday, 14 October at Halo Bournemouth


Amsterdam – Saturday, 23 September at Panama Nightclub

Amsterdam – Sunday, 24 September at Panama Nightclub

Dublin – Saturday, 28 October at Opium Nightclub

Budapest – Saturday, 11 November at Madam Nightclub

Barcelona – Saturday, 9 December at Sala Apolo


Image Credit: Shrek Rave

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