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CamelPhat at Creamfields North 2023: Relive the duo’s awe-inspiring set: Watch

CamelPhat closed the Steel Yard stage and offered Creamfields 2023 a string of emblematic tracks.

The Liverpool duo have expressed their love for Creamfields North festival before. Indeed, there are archived moments of CamelPhat on the festival stage that are so powerful they remain iconic across time. At the 2023 edition, the duo had the honour of closing the Steel Yard stage – a privilege they took full advantage of.

The beginning of the performance was dramatic and sublime, foreshadowing the bombastic moments that were to follow on the dancefloor. The appetiser was served with great emotion through a sublime medley of three of CamelPhat’s most emblematic tracks. ‘Panic Room‘ with Au/Ra, ‘Breathe‘ with Cristoph featuring Jem Cooke and ‘Cola‘ with Elderbrook. CamelPhat combined these three mega-hits like black magic and excitingly introduced ‘Spektrum‘, one of the highlights of their album ‘Dark Matter‘.

‘Panic Room’ and ‘Breathe’ made their presence felt further down the line, wrapped in bangers. The Liverpool duo spared no IDs and dropped a handful that left the crowd as intrigued as they were enraptured. The set included some of the hottest songs of 2023 such as ‘Baby Again..‘ by the fantastic three Skrillex, Four Tet and Fred Again.., ‘Metro‘ by Mau P and Kevin de Vries, and ‘Syren‘ by Anyma and Rebūke. CamelPhat know the power of their productions and that’s why they feature so prominently in their performances. They also played ‘Higher‘ with London Grammar, ‘Believe‘ with Mathame, and their stunning version of ‘Night After Night‘ by Fideles featuring Be No Rain.

Eli Brown‘s recently released ‘Diamonds On My Mind‘ has been featured in many artists’ sets and CamelPhat was no exception. Pryda, Rafael Cerato and Marino Canal are some of the other names quoted in CamelPhat’s bombastic set at Creamfields. The end was as chilling as the beginning. CamelPhat flooded the Steel Yard with nostalgia as they belted out Snap!‘s timeless classic ‘Rhythm Is A Dancer‘.

Ready to relive this set? Listen to them one by one here and watch a glimpse below:


Image Credit: Ushuaïa Ibiza (Press) / Provided by NEU Communications