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Daniel EK Says Spotify Won’t Ban AI-Generated Music

Daniel Ek, Spotify’s CEO, recently shared some insight on the platforms views on AI’s role in music creation. Ek revealed in an interview with BBC News that Spotify has no intention of banning AI-generated music from its platform. This decision, rooted in a thoughtful approach to artificial intelligence (AI) in music, sheds light on Spotify’s bond to innovation.


Ek’s perspective on AI-generated music is both futuristic and responsible. He believes that AI should not be used to mimic artists but should instead function as a tool to enhance an individual’s creative abilities. When asked about recent AI imitations creating buzz on the platform before being removed, Ek stated “You can imagine someone uploading a song, claiming to be Madonna, even if they’re not. We’ve seen pretty much everything in the history of Spotify at this point with people trying to game our system.”


This viewpoint is in line with the idea that technology should amplify human creativity, not replace it. His preference is for AI to be used by artists to develop and refine their unique sounds. The CEO of Spotify has taken a clear ethical stance on the matter. While some have used AI-generated music to imitate the styles of popular artists, Daniel Ek categorically rejects such practices. To further underscore Spotify’s commitment to this philosophy, the platform does not permit its content to be used for training AI models. This position safeguards against the risk of AI systems becoming proficient at imitating specific artists using Spotify’s catalog as a data source, preventing AI from being used as a tool for artistic plagiarism.


Spotify is no stranger to ethical AI use in the arts. The platform recently announced its use of AI for podcast translation and automated playlist curation. As technology continues to reshape the music industry, Daniel Ek’s vision for AI as an enabler of innovation offers a promising path forward, where artists can harness the power of AI to enhance their craft while preserving the authenticity and uniqueness that defines their work.


Image credit: Florian Koppe (Wikimedia Commons)

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