HIDE & SEEK return with uplifting single ‘Polaris’ on their own label Future Force Recordings: Listen

Returning with yet another uplifting and euphoric single, HIDE & SEEK have just released their latest track, entitled ‘Polaris.’ Destined for nothing less than ultimate success, the single is out now under the trio’s own imprint, Future Force Recordings.

Constantly on the rise, HIDE & SEEK are the epitome of an act that have been mastering their craft to the utmost of perfection, whilst each of their endeavours further advocate the genius minds behind this ever-so immersive project. Taking listeners on the most unique of journeys, the dance music trio that consists of Simon Kaye, MJ Smallman and Vlad Olteneu, have just released a highly euphoric single, in the form of ‘Polaris.’ Enticing in every sense of the word, this latest production will have anyone feeling some type of way, with each element incorporated in a manner that will scintillate even the toughest of crowds. A combination of sounds and auras, ‘Polaris’ leaves no doubt to the imagination, with HIDE & SEEK looking to continue their streak of successive singles that rich the top of the charts, and as you may have guessed, we are all for it.

Ensuring nothing less than the most captivating of productions, HIDE & SEEK take pride in their unique style of play, with the trio focusing directly on the creation of uplifting euphoric and progressive trance. Impacting the dance scene on the daily, each member of this fast-rising act adds their own touch in the most distinct of fashions, and in doing so, HIDE & SEEK are well and truly leaving their own mark through each of their projects within our community. Having gained huge success for tracks such as ‘Bright Light‘ and ‘Solstice,’ it comes to no surprise that their rise within the dance scene has emerged in no time at all, and with endeavours such as the latest one, it would only make sense that their growth will continue for years and years to come.

Cementing their status to even further heights, the creation of their own label, Future Force Recordings, alongside no other than trance legend, Jan Johnston, cannot go unnoticed, with the trio now providing a platform for up and coming artists that will only further strengthen their presence amongst the elite of our community. Staying true to their identity, but at the same time also advocating a versatile nature when needed, HIDE & SEEK are on their way towards global dominance, and this is just the beginning. Having said this, be sure to check out this masterpiece of a track in all its glory below, whilst streaming is also available through all major platforms here. Enjoy!



Image Credit: HIDE & SEEK (Press) / Provided by Management

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