Tomorrowland Winter 2024

RaveMeAway unveils new life saving wristbands technology

RaveMeAway unveils groundbreaking festival wristbands featuring life-preserving RFID technology as revealed by founder and CEO Charles Hinnant.

Wristbands will be a part of a new life-saving technology that will soon be hitting the market at a rapid rate known as ‘RFID’ which stands for ‘Radio Frequency Identification’. RFID technology promises consumers and event organisers a new level of safety which will help improve crowd management and be able to locate people in large-scale locations. Recent festival disasters have frequently been linked to issues in crowd control and the inability to provide timely life-saving assistance to distressed attendees. If widely embraced, RaveMeAway’s chip-based RFID technology could rapidly alleviate these risks at large-scale events.’

RaveMeAway wristband technology can give the wearers of the wristband location information to emergency companies and can also help these services obtain visualization of location data for those in serious need. RaveMeAway technology will be crucial for the global festival industry as it is forecasted to increase in popularity and attendance by almost 30% by the year 2028.

This wristband will also come equipped with an application for your phone device. The RMA app will enable both customers and event attendees to access a digital map of the event venue, which has been geographically mapped by RMA. Users will be able to view their own location and that of their friends via their wristbands on this digital map, as well as locate festival venues and events. For customers, the RMA app will work in conjunction with the “panic button” feature to alert paramedics and trigger a response. Furthermore, the RMA app will also function as a backend Software as a Service (SAAS) platform to enhance tracking, safety, and operational efficiency.

Image Credit: Tomorrowland 

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