ARTBAT release their highly anticipated track ‘Remember’: Listen

For the past two years, ARTBAT have featured a track in their sets that fans have wanted for a long time. ‘Remember‘ is a touching, melodic piece that reflects the sound of the Ukrainian duo. Its profound characteristics have provided moments of great brilliance during ARTBAT’s performances, and now it’s finally available for streaming and download via UPPERGROUND.

ARTBAT have had a great journey to the top since their inception. Creators of the groundbreaking UPPERGROUND, they set out to elevate music, and they have done it. The duo have a distinctive and elegant touch in their productions and create touching pieces. Their music is not only for listening but also for feeling, offering an experience that goes beyond the usual. All these concepts are reflected in ‘Remember’, which serves as a showcase for the quintessential ARTBAT experience.

The bassline is incredibly enveloping. It comes and fills the space around you and within you, capturing you in this sublime track. The production is beautifully crafted creating a three-dimensional effect with hypnotic panning. The synth work is incredible, as always with ARTBAT, and combines perfectly with a gentle but solid melody. It’s a very moving track that makes you search for different meanings within yourself, towards serenity. Although it’s very contemplative, it’s still a dance piece, with plenty of rhythm and movement. It’s almost seven minutes of a powerful, electrifying journey. It’s soulful, beautiful and unforgettable. The title couldn’t be better chosen.

‘Remember’ is melodic and extremely cinematic. The release is accompanied by a great music video available on YouTube. The video clip perfectly sums up the concept of the song and is the perfect visual complement to enjoy ‘Remember”. Watch and listen below to the track that has so often closed ARTBAT’s sets:

Image Credit: Press / Provided by The Media Nanny