Home Uncategorized Moby unveils soulful rework of Cream’s ‘We’re Going Wrong’ featuring Brie O’Banion: Listen
Moby unveils soulful rework of Cream’s ‘We’re Going Wrong’ featuring Brie O’Banion: Listen
Image Credit: Travis-Schneider / Provided

Moby unveils soulful rework of Cream’s ‘We’re Going Wrong’ featuring Brie O’Banion: Listen

Home Uncategorized Moby unveils soulful rework of Cream’s ‘We’re Going Wrong’ featuring Brie O’Banion: Listen

Moby, the celebrated electronic musician, producer, and activist hailing from the vibrant metropolis of New York City, has just released a mesmerizing downtempo rendition of Cream’s classic track, “We’re Going Wrong,” featuring the ethereal vocals of Brie O’Banion. This latest musical offering coincides with the official launch of Moby’s new record label, “Always Centered At Night.”

Set to grace the stage for the first time in five years on October 29, Moby’s performance at Gold Diggers in Los Angeles aims to benefit the Vegans of LA Food Bank. This remarkable event, which also features KCRW DJ Raul Campos, has already sold out, underscoring the artist’s unwavering support for charitable causes.

The inspiration for Moby’s rendition of “We’re Going Wrong” traces back to a moment when he was rifling through his collection of vintage vinyl records, preparing to part ways with them and donate them to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Among these musical treasures, Moby stumbled upon a forgotten gem – Cream’s composition, penned by their bassist, Jack Bruce. Reflecting on the encounter, Moby shares, “I was struck by how plaintive and beautiful it was, and how sadly germane it was for the current moment. I wrote a downtempo version of the song and asked my friend Brie O’Banion to sing it, and her voice brought a wonderful beauty and depth to it.”

In a recent release, Moby shared the soulful track Should Sleep,” a collaboration with J.P. Bimeni that exudes the carefree joy of dancing in a crowd of strangers well past midnight. This track pays homage to the vibrant underground dance scene of New York City, which thrived between the decline of disco in the late ’70s and the rise of house music in the late ’80s. Moby reminisces about the era, highlighting legendary DJs like Larry Levan and David Mancuso who curated this underground music movement. It was in this scene that he discovered hidden gems in clubs like the Fallout Shelter, Am/Pm, The Loft, and Paradise Garage, where he was introduced to iconic tracks by artists like loose joints, brass construction, the Peech Boys, and many others.

Moby’s latest work is a heartfelt tribute and homage to that bygone era, transcending backgrounds and identities. He remarks, “It’s 100% a tribute and an homage to that scene when Larry Levan and David Mancuso played iconic tracks by loose joints and brass construction and the Peech Boys to an ecstatic audience of straight, gay, Black, white, Asian people, all joined in building nightly churches out of music and sweat.” The track transports Moby to the dance floor at David Mancuso’s loft, where he feels the exuberance of celebrating with joyful strangers at the stroke of midnight.

The accompanying video, directed by Moby and Mike Formanski, captures both Moby and J.P. Bimeni in their element and happy places. Moby can be seen in his home studio, surrounded by a myriad of instruments, with his faithful companion Bagel at his side, while J.P. Bimeni is situated amidst the natural beauty of New Orleans, passionately singing and dancing. Though the video was crafted independently in two different locations, it seamlessly melds into a unified and vibrant visual experience, mirroring the essence of the song.

Moby’s illustrious career spans multiple platinum-selling albums, numerous awards, and his dedication to animal rights activism, which he has championed for 35 years as a committed vegan. Recently, he unveiled his directorial debut, the “Punk Rock Vegan Movie,” an idiosyncratic exploration of the intersection between punk rock and animal rights, featuring interviews with some of the most influential figures in punk and rock history. Last year, Moby launched his record label, “Always Centered at Night,” with the mission of creating emotionally resonant and atmospheric music, collaborating with voices from around the globe. This label has already produced remarkable collaborations, with a collective streaming count of over 15 million across various platforms.


Image Credit: Travis-Schneider / Provided by Gold Atlas PR


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