Home Uncategorized Slate Digital reveals powerful, new MetaPitch plug-in
Slate Digital reveals powerful, new MetaPitch plug-in
Slate Digital MetaPitch
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Slate Digital reveals powerful, new MetaPitch plug-in

Home Uncategorized Slate Digital reveals powerful, new MetaPitch plug-in

While the art of electronic music producers often relies more on crafting pulsing percussion and thumping bass lines to elevate smooth melodies, leads, and plucks, like all music, having vocals never hurts. The team at Slate Digital recognizes the unique place that vocals and production tools hold within music, especially electronic music, and has crafted a new plugin to help properly saturate and treat sound.

The use of vocoders and other vocal shifting instruments and plug-ins has been utilized in music for decades, helping artists create robotic-sounding voices to help match the digital energy of electronic music. Slate Digital hopes to continue evolving and expanding this process and has released the new MetaPitch plug-in with powerful new features and options. While the marketplace does not lack pitch-shifting plug-ins, the team at Slate Digital has worked hard to set its release apart from the competition.

Retailing on its own for $199, MetaPitch goes beyond the parameters of other pitch-shifting technology by expanding the ability to adjust MIDI sounds. The release comes with standard functions such as the ability to control pitch and formant and built-in saturation and stereo-width effects, all easy to control with the clear design of the release. On the right side are two large buttons that allow users to affect pitch and formant, that navigate 12 semitones in either direction and include a ‘link’ button so the two parameters can operate in tandem. A toggle switch above the knobs allows for switching between normal pitch adjustment and robot mode where a variety of digitized voices are available. Switching to robot mode will also allow MetaPitch to follow a MIDI track allowing users the ability to create endless melodies.

The lower controls of the plug-in focus on the saturation and other effect parameters. On the far left, there is a ‘Drive’ and ‘Widener’ knob that helps control stereo saturation and provide a bit of stereo width to the sound. Featured alongside the two knobs are adjustable low and high pass filters, and a Mix Control and Output Gain knob. Similar to Slate Digital’s MetaTune plug-in, a group instance is accessible to provide the same processing across several tracks.

Be sure to check out the company’s introductory video to MetaPitch below and purchase a copy today at the official Slate Digital site.

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