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One of the most mysterious names in dance music, Claptone is a rather unique breed of producer. Mixmag once described Claptone as "one of the most visible characters in the global deep house scene” and his music as “crisply produced and effortlessly infectious”. Truly fitting, his music contains eclectic atmospheres and moody rhythms. Fantast is a representation of the depth

Another look into the mysterious wonder that is Claptone's upcoming studio album Fantast, the engmatic DJ and producer's latest drop called "Stronger" comes as the 5th track to be unveiled from the LP. The album, announced early in the beginning of the year, is staged to drop June 8th, and has received quite a remarkable unveiling. So far, among the

As clean, crisp, and smooth as we can expect, German maverick Claptone unveils "Birdsong". Claptone is known for his expertly curated house music that runs rich with fiery grooves, and old-school vibes. Arriving the 8th of June, the mysterious Claptone will deliver his second long play collection of music titled "Fantast" on Different Recordings. The album is highly acclaimed and

A unique proposition in electronic music as we know it, the enigmatic Claptone has become one of the world's most renowned artists while he himself is shrouded in mystery. Having carved his own niche in an ever-changing climate, Claptone now steps up to the plate with his second studio album titled 'Fantast' and a brand new single from the forthcoming