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In 2018, it seems as though EDM movies are all the rage, with several documentaries being made about some of the biggest stars in the scene. With Hollywood A-Listers like Zac Efron and Emily Rajatkowski taking centre stage in 2015's 'We Are You Friends', complete with Tchami-influenced soundtrack, dance music films have never been more popular. Here, We Rave You

True kings of progressive-trance, UK trio Above & Beyond are capable of causing euphoria and outbreaks of emotion in equal measure. We Rave You honour Jono, Tony and Paavo, by taking a look at our Top 10 Above & Beyond tracks of all time: 10) Sticky Fingers This monstrous 2014 anthem is always a popular part of the trio’s live sets, with

Over their four critically acclaimed studio albums Above & Beyond have captured the hearts of the electronic world through their deep and endless love for music. The iconic trio were the first British DJs to sell out Madison Square Gardens and the Forum in Los Angeles to one of the most passionate and dedicated fanbases in the world. And where famed for their