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For most images you'll see promoting Ibiza, whether websites, postcards, or Balearic merchandise, the majority choose to use the iconic setting of Café Mambo as their go-to selection for summarising the hedonistic culture of the party island. Once just a small Ibicencan house, Café Mambo was soon transformed into one of the most iconic restaurants and bars on San Antonio's famous sunset strip. As the

A true mecca for sunset vibes, Ibiza's Cafe Mambo is perhaps the most iconic spot on the entire Spanish island, with Eric Prydz even naming one of his tracks ('Sunset at Cafe Mambo') after the legendary venue. With Eric's residency at Hï Ibiza kicking off last night, the Swedish maestro will be appearing on the San Antonio strip once again this

Iconic. The word that describes a bar that has completely transformed the backdrop of Ibiza and has singlehandedly managed to almost trademark a natural occurrence that happens every single day of the year. The bar is Café Mambo, and we're talking of course of the famous Mambo Ibiza sunsets. Once just a small Ibicencan house, Café Mambo took on the challenge of going