best wavetable synth plugins 2021

Best Wavetable Synth VST Plugins in 2022

What is a Wavetable?

A wavetable is a group of sampled sound waves. In other words, it’s a collection of various single cycle waveforms. The most basic waveforms are sine, saw, square & triangle. Wavetable synthesis is one of the many types of synthesis at which a single cycle waveform can be randomly chosen out of a collection of wave shapes. The interpolation between different wave shapes is what creates the sound of wavetable synthesis. This interesting technology is severely used in the modern-day music production process. There are a bunch of wavetable synths available and shortlisting a large number of options we have collected the best wavetable synth plugins in 2022 for music producers.


Best Wavetable Synth Plugins in 2022


  1. Xfer Serum
  2. Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2.6
  3. Phase Plant 
  4. Massive X
  5. Vital
  6. Pigments 2 
  7. VPS Avenger
  8. Codex



1.Xfer Serum

This advanced wavetable synth plugin is well known in the music industry through its revolutionary way of sound design. Steve Duda’s creation revolutionized the synth vst plugin industry with it’s groundbreaking technology. Serum contains 2 oscillators (each with a detune, blend, phase, pan, and level knob), a noise & sub-generator, a filter section to treat the 2 oscillators differently, several envelopes, LFOs, and modulation knobs to control every little detail of the incoming signal.



2.Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2.6

Spectatronics came up with a synth plugin that filled the gap between the real and the digital world. Expect to find every sound you will hear in mother nature and in the biggest hits at the moment. Omnisphere is a powerful synthesizer carrying thousands of presets and waveforms. Use the 4 oscillators and tweak them by using the filters, LFOs, modulators, or the extensive FX section. Omnisphere is a bit expensive and complex to master however it functions as a beast when used properly.



3. Phase Plant 

This synth plugin developed by Kilohearts will give you an empty patch where you can add every component when you want to. Phase Plant stands for freedom and improvement of your workflow by using its 3-band EQ, modulators, 4 signal generators, chorus, reverb, limiter, and loads of presets. You’ll find everything right away through its clear layout. Definitely one of the best wavetable synth plugins available in 2021.



4. Massive X

Massive X is the next-generation flagship synthesizer through its newest layout and functionalities. Bend space and time by its modulators, oscillators, filters, envelopes, and random LFO’s. Massive has been focussing on improving the sound design of every single sound, that’s why Massive is a highly recommended synth vst plugin by the biggest producers and audio engineers in the scene.



5. Vital [FREE Synth Plugin]

Warp waves in a new way, create your own signature sound, or break the boundaries and experience a new way of creating sounds with this new wavetable synth plugin. Vital contains 3 oscillators, a noise generator, several high-quality filters, modulators, envelopes, LFOs, and built-in macros to control every tool the way you want to.



6. Pigments 2 

Arturia created the newest version of Pigments which has been 20 years in the making. This synth vst plugin implements a powerful wavetable and a virtual analog software to create this masterpiece. Use the 2 built-in engines, filters, routing sections, modulation system, visual interface, and the polyrhythmic sequencer & arpeggiator to go beyond normal synthesis. Check out arturia’s wavetable synth plugin in action down below.



7. VPS Avenger

The avenger synth plugin contains an arsenal of tools to create every single sound. Up to 8 oscillators, 8 ARP modules, modulation & pitch envelopes, LFO’s, drum sequencers, and 6 free routable FX busses are being offered to you. Use over 1000 factory presets, 218 special samples, 168 drumkits, 168 drum sequences, 596 wavetables, and 219 granular samples to discover a different world within wavetable synthesis.



8. Codex

This cutting-edge polyphonic wavetable synth vst plugin is based on an advanced granular wavetable engine to achieve a different level of sound design. Import your own sound, turn them into wavetables, manipulate them, or choose a perfect sound out of the hundreds of original sound presets. Create complex waveforms while using simple settings and treat every sound differently by using the several FX sections including LFOs, envelopes, modulators, arpeggiators, and sequencers. One of the most affordable wavetable synth plugins out there.


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Image Credit: Kilohearts

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