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Black Friday deals on Instruments & Libraries 2022

Instruments have always been an integral part of the music-making process. Some producers prefer their instruments to be recorded live and which in our opinion is the best thing to do to get an authentic instrument arrangement. However, this isn’t possible for every music producer out there, especially those grinding in their home studios. There are quite a few options available online that to some level are able to emulate the feeling of authentic live instruments. Most of the high-quality instruments & libraries come at a steep price however with Black Friday sales going on you can grab them at a much cheaper cost.  Down below is the list of best Black Friday deals on Instruments & libraries. Also do check out our special page where we highlight the best deals on presets, bundles, sample packs, courses, etc for Black Friday 2022.


  1. Spitfire Albion One
  2. Spitfire Symphony Orchestra Professional
  3. Spitfire Originals library
  4. ANALOG STRINGS – $129.00 (from 199.00)
  5. Heavyocity NOVO Modern Strings Kontakt Instrument – $274.50 (from $549.00)
  6. Zilhouette Strings – $79.80 (from $114.00)
  7. Hammered Dulcimer – $41.30 (from $59.00)
  8. Symphonic Elements STRIIIINGS – $84.50 (from $169.00) 



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Spitfire Albion One ($336.00 $449.00)

Albion One is a well-known, industry-standard orchestral sample library that includes everything you need to create film music. This album features a 109-piece orchestra and a thunderous cinematic percussion section recorded at AIR Studios in London’s world-famous Lyndhurst Hall. The flexibility you get within Albion One makes it a perfect orchestral tool that could be used in a variety of genres. You can choose from 4 microphone positions and a wide range of articulations to make it sound exactly the way you want. Thanks to its massive success, its safe to say Albion One has clearly become an industry standard at this point.



Spitfire BBC Symphony Orchestra Professional ($599.00 $999.00)

Spitfire Audio has finally been able to capture what no other sample library has before: the musical synergy of a family of astonishingly accomplished players with a 90-year heritage of performances and recordings, deep sampled at London’s famous Maida Vale Studios — home of the BBCSO, and host to The Beatles, Hendrix, and Bowie. The Symphony Orchestra includes 57 instruments recorded with 12 mic settings and 3 mixes. The plugin contains 200 hours of recordings, to give you a staggering 1,000,000+ samples. Definitely a no-brainer black Friday deal if you are a film composer.



Spitfire Originals Series ($29 each)

The Originals series captures the essence of what Spitfire is famous for and includes them in an affordable package that can work great for both upcoming and professional music composers and producers. All the instruments are priced at only $29 each. Some of our top picks from the originals series include:

– Originals Epic Choir

– Originals Drumline

– Intimate Strings

– Mrs. Mills

Browse the complete Originals library via the button down below:




ANALOG STRINGS – $129.00 (from 199.00)

This one is featuring playable instruments with over 450+ presets, four central macro sliders, dual arpeggiators, and several orchestras were sampled to create it, including a 60-piece string one. ANALOG STRINGS’ creative sources include piano, tape noise sampled feedback, and a lot more.



Heavyocity NOVO Modern Strings Kontakt Instrument – $274.50 (from $549.00)

Heavyocity has provided some of the best Kontakt Instruments including Scoring Guitars, Bass and many others. NOVO Modern Strings have a very lush texture perfect for creating emotional pieces. The instrument provides you immense control on the expression of the string instrument. NOVO is currently at 50% off.



Zilhouette Strings – $79.80 (from $114.00)

First of three listed Cinematique Instruments’ products includes seven cellos and violins, two basses, and two viola in total. All recorded musicians for Zilhouette are world-class german live orchestra members. The VST has three different articulations – Shorts, Longs and Pizzicato.



Hammered Dulcimer – $41.30 (from $59.00)

Cinematique Instruments packed here 30+ string pairs, two bridges (bass & treble), and the typical hammered dulcimer tremolo recorded in two microphone positions, which was the main focus of developing this VST Strings Instrument.



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Symphonic Elements STRIIIINGS – $84.50 (from $169.00) 

Co-founder of UJAM – the company behind this VST String Instrument – is one and only Hans Zimmer, one of the world’s greatest film composers. And his legendary string recordings are used in STRIIIINGS. If that were not enough – sixty playing styles, a multimode 24dB synthesizer filter, and a brand-new creative performance and sound design engine, made by UJAM. The instrument hasn’t been released however is available for order at a lucrative price of $84.50.


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