Coca-Cola Summer

Coca-Cola looks to further invest in music with creation of its own studio

As one of the most recognized brands on the planet, Coca-Cola has been an icon in the beverage industry for decades while being a pioneer for its advertising as well as its involvement in major events around the globe. Now the soda giant is looking to further increase its engagement in the music industry by building its own recording studio.

The relationship between Coca-Cola and music has grown drastically in recent years with the brand becoming a major sponsor for the yearly Tomorrowland event as well as creating a limited flavor in collaboration with superstar DJ and producer, Marshmello.  Now the soda giant is taking things a step forward and has announced plans to grow the brand through music crafted at the Coke Studio, a recording studio and project that was first revealed back in 2022.

“No doubt we’ve been leaning into music and prioritizing music more heavily in the last couple of years,” said Josh Burke, global head of music and culture marketing at Coca-Cola. “We’re looking at music more holistically than just the song in the ad. For us, we believe music is a two-way conversation. We really strive to create a music culture through our brand that enables this connection to happen authentically, leveraging artists, of course, but also by creating music experiences that make the program richer.” 

With the studio’s most recent release, Be Who You Are (Real Magic), a track written and performed by John Batiste along with JID, NewJeans, Camilo and Cat Burns, the project is looking to engage users the audience beyond traditional ads. The project’s official website details more of the artists involved, as more songs will be released in 2023, as well as offers visitors the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities with prizes like headphones and concert tickets up for grabs. Music and the industry are certainly evolving and it will be exciting to see how Coca-Cola can carve out its own niche in the space.

Photo by Garrido via Unsplash

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