Cre8audio West Pest NAMM

NAMM 2022: Cre8audio announes West Pest, a semi-modular synthesizer

Cre8audio delivers a new companion synth called West Pest and showcased it at NAMM 2022. The brand that delivers high-quality and very diverse analog gear also released the East Beast last year, which is a compact synth made to be as clean looking as possible but still a very handy tool.


The West Pest is a semi-modular desktop synth that is designed and made in partnership with Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers and takes over the look of the East Beast compact synth. Both look very similar to each other also due to their bright color features. To give music producers a great experience they have designed a foldback system where each waveform of the West Pest`s Wave Folder gets run back and amplified. The result is staggering deep and harmonic sounds which excite every music producer. Furthermore, the synth is featured with an arpeggiator and VCA filter and a Dynamic filter and sequencer to enhance the sound designing options.


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All of these tools can be either controlled on the synth itself or through MIDI inputs controlled via your DAW. Although it looks small, the West Pest has 8 patchable modules for waveforms, LFOs, dynamic controllers, step contour, and MIDI controllers. Cre8audio also didn’t hesitate to fit the West Pest with an 18 Eurorack compatibility which will give you the feature to connect it to other software, and gear and extend your sound design possibilities. Great to know is that if you come up with a preset you can save it amongst 13 others.


It will be released soon and comes with an estimated price of 250 Euros.




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Image credits: Cre8audio