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NAMM 2022: What to expect from the biggest music gear conference

NAMM short for National Association of Music Merchants is probably one of the biggest music gear events in the world. The 2022 NAMM edition will begin at 10:00 AM Pacific Time (PT) on Friday, 3 June, and ends on Sunday, 5 June. The 2021 in-person edition of the NAMM Show was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic and took place online. Since the offline edition comes back after a big break, it’s expected to be one of the biggest editions ever. More than 3,500 brands are scheduled to exhibit this year. The brands come from various different segments within the music space. From guitar manufacturers to marketplaces to analog synth manufacturers, you’ll pretty much find every big name at the conference demonstrating their latest piece of gear. Here are some of the big revelations you can expect from the 2022 edition of NAMM.


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1. Allen & Health

The world-renowned brand, known to be the leader when it comes to mixing consoles, is expected to deliver one of its biggest NAMM showcases yet. Allen & Heath is expected to display its new compact 48kHz/96kHz Dante interfaces. Their live sound console training will be held during the conference as well which would entail hands on sessions & guide workshops on mixing & more. Speaking about NAMM 2022, USA marketing director of Allen & Heath, Jeff Hawley quoted “We are all thrilled to be back with all our friends and colleagues in Anaheim this year, we’re all ready to show off new tech, mingle and hang and catch up and kick our presence at NAMM up a few levels for the big return to in-person for 2022.”


2. Pioneer

Pioneer has already started sharing insights into what they would be presenting at NAMM 2022. One of their recent announcements includes the launch of its latest DJ mixer, the DJM-S5. DJM-S5 for Serato DJ Pro is fabricated for battle mixing and scratching and for someone who is looking for expanding their skills. The model is a successor of the old DJM-S11, and comes in with a similar feel. Apart from the DJM-S5 for Serato, Pioneer also announced the launch of three new budget monitor speakers starting as low as £149. The models featured are the DM-40D, DM-40D BT & DM-50D BT. The DM-40D models offer an upgrade to the existing compact DM-40 speakers.


3. Nord

Nord has some of the best and most high-quality keyboards in the market right now. Their products such as the C2D, Piano 5 & The Grand are considered industry standards and can be spotted in a large number of studios across the globe. Nord have announced that they would be exhibiting at the NAMM 2022 conference however there isn’t any info yet on what they would be showcasing.


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4. Focusrite

Focusrite has just announced the launch of its latest audio gear, The Vocaster. This time, Focusrite has stepped into the Podcasting realm with its latest equipment. The Vocaster features Auto Gain to set levels, Enhance to make the vocal supplied sound better, camera options, and more. The size is very compact and the product itself is very easy to use. Focusrite will also be exhibiting at the NAMM 2022 conference and would be interesting to see if they have any more announcements lined up as well.


5. Shure

Shure is well known for its line of microphones, in-ear monitors & more. They will also be exhibiting at the NAMM 2022 conference. There haven’t been any announcements regarding what they would be showcasing this year.


6. Oberheim OB-X8

After a long haul of 40 years, the OB-X8 made its return. It’s of one of the most elite analog synths in the market. The OB-X8 will be on display at the NAMM 2022 and is easily one of the most awaited products of the show.


7. Korg

Korg will also be exhibiting this year and with the wide catalog of synths they have, would be interesting to see if they have more announcements coming soon. On display would be the latest Volca FM 2 and other significant hardware and software releases.



ROLI Seaboard RISE 2 was recently launched and has garnered quite some support from users and critics. Seaboard provides the users with some amazing MIDI control features and organic gestures. There haven’t been any announcements regarding what all would be on display but RISE 2 might definitely be one of them.


More brands to watch out for at NAMM 2022:

9. Dolby

10. AKG Audio

11. JBL

12. Sony

13. Studio Logic

You can see the complete list of brands here.


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