Home Tech Plugins Black Friday Deal: Denise Audio Plugins Up to 50% Off Now Through Dec 8
Black Friday Deal: Denise Audio Plugins Up to 50% Off Now Through Dec 8
Denise Audio Black Friday 2023 Plugin Flat-lay Image Credits: Denise Audio
Denise Audio Black Friday 2023

Black Friday Deal: Denise Audio Plugins Up to 50% Off Now Through Dec 8

Home Tech Plugins Black Friday Deal: Denise Audio Plugins Up to 50% Off Now Through Dec 8

Denise Audio is launching its annual Black Friday sale from November 15th to December 8th. During this time, customers can enjoy up to a 50% discount on all plugins and bundles, including the Denise Audio Total Bundle, now available at $149—25% off the standard $199 price and a remarkable 79% off compared to buying individual plugins at MSRP. Each plugin, usually priced at $59, can be yours for just $ 29 during this special sale, offering a practical 50% discount. Upgrade your plugin arsenal without breaking the bank.


1. Bad Tape 2


Bad Tape 2 is a cutting-edge tape emulation plugin with unprecedented control, allowing producers to intricately manipulate space and time. With enhanced parameters and versatile features, Bad Tape 2 empowers users to delicately sculpt their audio to their liking.





2. Plotergate

Poltergate is a plugin that focuses on transient design, gating, and de-bleeding. This tool empowers producers with custom sound shaping, offering precise control over audio dynamics and clarity. Designed with a clean and easy-to-use interface, the Poltergate is a valuable tool for those looking to improve their overall mix-downs. 





3. Dragon Fire 


Dragon Fire is a powerhouse ultimate compressor that allows users to tame dynamics effortlessly or customize tonal characteristics, allowing you to seamlessly blend classic warmth or create unique configurations. 





4. Bass XL

Bass XL is a tool for your low-end frequencies designed to reign in unruly lower registers and elevate your mix. Customizable boost and coloring options are included to add weight to lackluster percussion and sculpt inconsistent bass lines into expansive, full-bodied sounds.





5. Perfect Plate XL


Perfect Plate XL is a versatile stereo plate reverb powered by Denise Audio’s TXVerb technology. Designed for practicality, this plugin lets producers effortlessly add a hint of vintage ambiance to their recordings or take their audio on a journey into deeper sonic realms. Perfect Plate XL offers a straightforward yet flexible tool to enhance your sound.





6. Perfect Room

Perfect Room is a groundbreaking reverb plugin that allows producers to craft immersive spaces with expansive volume and dimension. Perfect Room provides pristine, customizable mix-ready reverb effects. Transform your tracks effortlessly and bring depth to your music without compromise.





7. God Mode

The God Mode plugin uses Push-Pull EQ’s tone-shaping ability for control over multiband distortion. The tool comes loaded with unparalleled control as you sculpt and shape each frequency range to achieve audio textures. 





8. Sub Generator

Sub-Generator is a versatile plugin that lets producers effortlessly generate and shape sub-frequencies. Deepen your bass lines, tighten drum performances, and add a solid low end to your mixes with ease. Sub Generator is your practical tool for achieving a refined and controlled low-frequency presence in your tracks.





9. Noize 2

Enhance your sound with Noize 2, a practical noise generator plugin that lets producers easily customize tracks. Choose from 8 built-in noise types or upload your samples to add personalized textures and interest to your music. Shape and modify noise effortlessly for a unique touch in your tracks with Noize 2.





10. The Sweeper

Revitalize your tracks with The Sweeper, a dynamic filter that adds a subtle touch or a final polish to your mix. Experiment with sonic movements within individual tracks or enhance your overall sound by effortlessly sidechaining its envelope to another audio source. With The Sweeper, bring a touch of creativity to your music without the fuss.





11. Bite Harder

Bite Harder offers a more musical approach to sonic decimation. With nuanced control, producers can seamlessly navigate from gentle lo-fi crackle to intense arcade-style distortion and back again. Elevate your sound with Bite Harder, delivering a versatile and tasteful touch to your tracks.





This Black Friday through December 8th, Denise Audio is offering incredible discounts on all their premium audio plugins, including the star of the sale – the Denise Audio Total Bundle featuring all 11 plugins, now just $149 instead of $199. That’s a massive 79% off compared to purchasing the plugins individually at full price. Audiophiles can grab powerful tools like Bite Harder distortion, Perfect Room reverb, and Bad Tape 2 for only $29 each during the sale. The 50% off individual plugins and 25% off bundles represent huge savings on professional quality effects that won’t last for long. Take advantage of Denise Audio’s best Black Friday deals before time runs out on December 8th. Don’t miss out on grabbing distortion plugins, compressors, reverbs, and more at half-off retail price. Give your mixes some analog warmth with the Dragon Fire compressor for 50% off. Get that professional polish on your tracks with Denise Audio’s high-quality plugins while prices are slashed for Black Friday.


Don’t miss out on Denise Audio’s Black Friday savings which end on December 8th.

Visit Denise Audio’s website here.


Image Credits: Denise Audio

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